The Cooper Gallery collection featured on Fake or Fortune?

A sketch from the Cooper Gallery’s outstanding collection will be featured in a nail-biting episode of Fake or Fortune? on Wednesday, 4 August.

Filmed back in December the team of the hit television series came to Barnsley to investigate and examine a sketch purchased by philanthropist Samuel Joshua and view his personal notebook in order to solve an intriguing art mystery of the past.

Samuel Joshua Cooper was an art fanatic with an eye for new talent and exquisite pieces of work.  The pieces he collected during his lifetime, which he later generously donated to the people of Barnsley, are displayed in the Cooper Gallery for all to enjoy.

Now in its ninth series, Fake or Fortune? is presented by Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould who investigate works of art to determine their authenticity. In this episode their detective skills lead them to the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley where they research possible links to a piece of work by artist Jean Leon Gerome.

The artwork the team filmed included four stunning sketches, all of which are now on display in the gallery for people to view.

The exciting conclusion to the show will be aired on the BBC when the full story will finally be revealed.

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place (Regeneration and Culture) said: “We are fortunate to have such well regarded and beautiful collections of artworks here in Barnsley.  The Cooper Gallery is a hub of artistic creativity and not only showcases local talent but hosts high profile exhibitions from around the world. For a piece from our collections to be included in such a thrilling and well-known show is a delight, and we can wait to find out if the mystery is solved. Any fans of the Gallery, the town, or art in general will be sure to tune in.”

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