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Sadler Room, Cooper Gallery

Over the years, the BBC has charted the long and distinguished career of Henry Moore, one of Britain's most renowned sculptors. In this collection of rarely seen interviews and documentaries, Moore himself talks about the ideas that inform his work and demonstrates his techniques and materials. Meanwhile, those who knew him recall the man behind the art.

This collection was created to complement the Henry Moore retrospective at Tate Britain and has been made possible by collaboration with the Henry Moore Foundation. Some of the artwork in these programmes is being shown by courtesy of the Henry Moore Family Collection.

Running time: 49 mins

In this programme Henry Moore talks for the first time about his fascination with sheep and their "ancient biblical quality". He also discusses in detail several of his sculptures and introduces us to some of the pieces by other artists that he keeps in his sitting room. These include a Cezanne painting, Degas drawings and several statues from ancient cultures