Memories of Barnsley’s Past- An Exhibition by The Tasker Photographic Trust

Sadler Room - please contact the Gallery for opening times 

Fascinating pictures and photographs of old Barnsley buildings & occupants, showing the development of Barnsley over the last 150 years. The exhibitions themes: Transport; pubs; Peel Square; markets; fashion and industry offer an insight into the ever changing face of the town centre and resilient community. 

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A taster of what you can expect to see...

May Day Green. This photograph dating from about 1900 was taken close to Joseph Barraclough's Union Foundry, several market traders can be seen displaying and selling their fresh produce. The man wearing the bowler in the foreground stands by a wicker container, on its lid displayed onions and other vegetables; and wooden crates from wholesalers and more baskets can be seen in the background. No stalls for these traders but they provided a useful service and made a basic living.

Barnsley Markets celebrations.

The start of Cheapside (west side frontages) and end of Queen Street in c.1960: prominent is the Alexandre clothes/tailor's shop and the Wine Shades pub/bar which operated here until the early 1970s.

A wonderfully detailed view of part of the Fish Market, dating from 1961. Units that are visible include Rusby & Wainwright's and Coes. Great characters served very loyal cusomers from this now lost area of old Barnsley.

Peel Square was always a busy part of central Barnsley, a place where 'cabs' could be hired and a hub that provided links with some of the main thoroughfares of the town. Motorised vehicles were just beginning to rival horse-drawn Hackneys. This early image dates from about 1900. The advertising plaque attached to the central lamp post is for 'painless dentistry’: but there were no guarantees! This old part of Barnsley was formerly called Peasehill Nook.