Ancient Egypt - Study Days

Immerse yourself in the world of ancient Egypt with our programme of three study days. Each day will give you the opportunity to hear from experts in the field of Egyptology, and gain exclusive insights into ancient Egypt’s spectacular culture.

Each study day is £30 per person, or book on all three days for £60.

Day three will take place at the Cooper Gallery (day one at Experience Barnsley and day two also at Cooper Gallery)


Welcome to the Study Day with Joann and Stephen


‘Egyptian Bodies: Body Adornment’, Joann looks at ancient Egyptian dress, cosmetics, perfumes and hairstyles, inspired by objects in the exhibition at Experience Barnsley ‘Gods’ Land in God’s County: Ancient Egypt in Yorkshire’

(break for lunch)*


‘Egyptian Bodies: Body Preservation’ Stephen discusses how the ancient Egyptians mummified their dead and explains how he and Jo mummified a modern body with the expertise of Sheffield’s Medico- Legal Centre (televised as ‘Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret’)


Q&A session

Day Three will end with a screening of ‘Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret’.

This screening is a free activity open to the public

*please note lunch is not provided but there are café facilities on site.


Booking essential HERE